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About PALS:

The extraordinary rate of urban sprawl over the best lands in Canada, the fruit lands of Niagara, led in 1976 to the formation of the Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society (PALS). Backed by over 500 urban and rural members, PALS Board members and volunteers have worked hard to preserve the unique fruit lands and the agricultural industry in Niagara and to promote food land preservation province and country-wide. PALS is based in Niagara, but has reached out over the years to help other farmland groups across Ontario and Canada to protect prime class 1-3 farmlands.

To contact PALS write to Box 1413 Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario LOS 1JO or e mail to PALS at gracia.janes@bellnet.ca , or pals@becon.org Phone 905 468 2841 or 905 684 4834

PALS accomplishments include:

* defence of Niagara fruit land in 1978,79,and 80 Ontario Municipal Board Hearings, where PALS won over 3,600 acres of the 7,500 acres of fruit land under dispute,

* monitoring of the 'permanent' boundaries bordering tender fruit and grape land,

* education of the public regarding the value of farming and farm lands,

* helping the Ontario Toxic Waste Coalition prevent a hazardous waste site and facility in the farm community of West Lincoln

* the initiation and development of the Niagara Tender Fruit Land Program ( adopted by the Provincial government in 1994 and cancelled in 1995), whereby restrictive covenants were to be placed on tender fruit lands to preserve them in 'perpetuity'.

* education of all levels of government regarding the unique nature of the very much threatened tender fruit and grape lands, which led to stronger legislative protections eg .the 2005 Greenbelt Act, Bill 135, within which Niagara urban boundaries abutting fruit land will be "permanent"

( see About Niagara Fruit Lands- an historic over - view )


* quarterly newsletter

* 1983/84/86/2004, Taste Niagara cook book- 200 fruit recipes and a history of fruit growing in Niagara

* 1986, video 'Pick and Choose', to Preserve Niagara Fruit lands( out of print)

* 1988 , Niagara Conservation Strategy ( out of print)

* 1991, Elementary School Teaching kit (out of print)

* 1992, Chapter 13 (The Fight for Fruit Lands) Environmental Stewardship -Sally Lerner , U of Waterloo

* 2004/05 see list link to "position papers"

*2012, CASE FOR A RENEWED TENDER FRUITLAND PROGRAM - 219 Years of Fruitland History - Gracia Janes

Support PALS by purchasing :

* The Pals Cook Book at $15.00


Making a donation to PALS.

You will receive a charitable receipt promptly for tax purposes .

Make cheques payable to PALS Box 1413 Niagara-on-the-Lake L0S 1J0

“ You can also support PALS by taking out a membership . A yearly membership costs $5 for Seniors and Students, $10 for Individuals , $20 for a Family and $40 for Groups. Please send requests for membership and raffle tickets , and/or donations ( with charitable receipts given out for tax purposes promptly) to PALS Box 1413 Niagara-on-the-Lake L0S 1J0”